Cruciferous vegetables may reverse kidney damage in diabetics

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Researchers at AlMaarefa University have discovered a potential natural solution to one of the most challenging complications of diabetes: kidney damage, also known as diabetic nephropathy.

This condition, affecting about a quarter of people with diabetes, often leads to chronic kidney disease and increases the risk of heart disease.

The Power of PEITC

The key component under investigation is phenethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC), a compound responsible for the pungent taste in certain cruciferous vegetables.

The study focused on the effects of PEITC in rats with diabetic nephropathy. Remarkably, PEITC is abundant in watercress but is also found in broccoli, turnips, and radish.

The findings from the study are encouraging, showing that PEITC may effectively reverse serious kidney damage in individuals with diabetes.

This aligns with previous research highlighting the benefits of sulforaphane, another compound in cruciferous vegetables, in reducing diabetes-related kidney damage.

Diet as a Shield Against Kidney Damage

The research supports the idea that incorporating more vegetables containing PEITC into the diet could help people with diabetes prevent kidney complications.

As PEITC is naturally present in common dietary sources, it offers a practical and accessible means to manage diabetic nephropathy.

While the study’s outcomes are promising, further research is necessary to confirm these findings and explore how they can lead to new treatments or dietary recommendations for people with diabetes.

This advancement in understanding could open doors to dietary strategies that not only manage diabetes but also protect against its severe complications.


The study, presented at the American Association for Anatomy annual meeting, suggests a hopeful future where everyday vegetables like watercress can play a crucial role in combating diabetes-induced kidney damage.

This natural approach, pending further validation, could offer a simple yet effective means to improve the lives of those living with diabetes.

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