Blood pressure control after pregnancy benefits women’s heart health

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High blood pressure during pregnancy can have long-term health consequences for women, increasing their risk of heart-related complications later in life.

However, a new study suggests that carefully managing blood pressure in the weeks following childbirth can lead to significant and lasting improvements in heart health.

Pregnancy places additional stress on the heart as it adapts to the increased circulatory demands of the growing baby. This stress is even greater for women with high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Such individuals face a higher risk of heart complications in the long term, including hypertension, heart attacks, and strokes.

The Study’s Aim

The research, conducted in the United Kingdom, aimed to investigate the impact of immediate post-pregnancy blood pressure management on women’s long-term cardiovascular health.

Specifically, it examined whether precise control of blood pressure following childbirth could lead to lasting benefits.

The study involved 220 new mothers who had experienced high blood pressure during pregnancy and required ongoing medication for hypertension after giving birth. These women were divided into two groups:

  1. One group used a wireless blood pressure monitor connected to a smartphone app, enabling daily blood pressure readings sent to healthcare providers.
  2. The other group received standard postpartum care, involving two office visits with a healthcare professional.

Key Findings

The study yielded significant results:

  • Women in the group using the blood pressure monitor and app had lower average blood pressure (126/82 mm Hg) nine months after delivery compared to the group receiving standard care (131/86 mm Hg).
  • The blood pressure reduction persisted for up to eight to nine months after participants discontinued hypertension medication.
  • Fewer women in the intervention group required hospitalization within the first three weeks after childbirth due to high blood pressure.

The study’s findings suggest that immediate post-pregnancy blood pressure management can have a substantial impact on long-term cardiovascular health.

Even small reductions in blood pressure can significantly decrease the risk of future heart-related complications.

Looking Ahead

Future research will aim to replicate these findings in more diverse patient populations and explore the mechanisms behind the observed improvements in heart health.

The goal is to refine post-pregnancy care and optimize blood pressure management for women who experienced high blood pressure during pregnancy.


The study underscores the importance of careful blood pressure control in the weeks following childbirth for women with a history of high blood pressure during pregnancy.

This simple intervention can lead to lasting improvements in heart health and reduce the risk of hypertension, heart attacks, and strokes in the years to come.

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The research findings can be found in JAMA.

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