Scientists find new drug to treat high blood pressure

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High blood pressure can cause serious problems like strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failure. Many people don’t even know why they have it.

For these folks, medication becomes a lifelong necessity.

Baxdrostat’s Breakthrough

Baxdrostat is a new kid on the block. For those who find no relief from other medicines, this one promises hope.

The results from a test by Queen Mary University of London and CinCor Pharma in the U.S. were exciting. They shared these findings at a big conference held by the American Heart Association.

During a 12-week test with 248 patients, they gave some of them Baxdrostat and some a placebo (which does nothing).

All of these patients had high blood pressure that didn’t get better, even with three or more drugs. After adding Baxdrostat, the group with the highest dose saw a big 20-point drop in their blood pressure.

This was 11 points better than the group on the placebo. Such a big difference is rare with medications.

Understanding the Magic Behind Baxdrostat

What makes Baxdrostat special is how it targets a hormone named aldosterone, which handles salt levels in our body.

When this hormone goes haywire, it can lead to high blood pressure. The challenge was to make sure the drug didn’t mess with another important hormone, cortisol.

The research found that Baxdrostat did a good job of lowering aldosterone in the blood and urine, especially in patients who made too much of it.

Medical Experts Weigh In

For Professor Morris Brown, who played a key role in this study, the results brought a lot of excitement. But he also said we should hold our horses. The drug needs more testing to know if it’s truly a game-changer.

If Baxdrostat works as they hope, it could be a beacon of hope for many who don’t find relief from regular treatments.

High Blood Pressure and Its Sneaky Hormone Connection

In the UK, a lot of adults – about one in every three – have high blood pressure. Some recent studies have pointed fingers at a rogue gene in the adrenal glands of 5% to 10% of these folks.

This gene makes them produce extra aldosterone, which then makes the body hold onto more salt and shoot up blood pressure. For these people, the usual medicines don’t do much.

Professor Brown has put over a decade into Baxdrostat. He’s been involved since the early days of its creation and even gave his two cents during its U.S. trials.

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All this exciting information on Baxdrostat was shared in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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