Resistance-breathing training can lower blood pressure

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High blood pressure, often called hypertension, can lead to many serious health problems. These problems include vision loss, strokes, and heart attacks.

Because of these risks, doctors are very serious about treating it. Usually, they suggest changes in diet and more exercise. If these changes don’t work, doctors often prescribe medicine.

However, scientists in America have found a new way to lower blood pressure that doesn’t involve diet, exercise, or medicine.

A New Kind of Training

The researchers from the University of Colorado, the University of Arizona, and Alma College discovered that something called resistance-breathing training can lower blood pressure.

This kind of training involves a small tool called a POWERbreathe.

Using a POWERbreathe is simple. People breathe in and out of it for a few minutes each day.

This makes their breathing muscles work harder to move air through the tool, which makes them stronger. The scientists found out that this also helps lower blood pressure.

To learn more about this, the researchers asked some healthy volunteers to try resistance-breathing training.

The volunteers used the POWERbreathe for a few minutes every day for six weeks, taking 30 breaths in and out each time. Before and after these six weeks, the researchers measured their blood pressure.

The results were impressive. The average top number of the volunteers’ blood pressure readings (the systolic blood pressure) fell by 9 mmHg.

To give some context, a normal reading is 120/80. The researchers said this was a big drop, similar to what some patients see when they take medicine or start aerobic exercises like walking, cycling, or running.

A Potential Solution for Many

The findings from this study could help a lot of people. The researchers suggest that resistance-breathing training could be an option for people of all ages who can’t exercise but need to lower their blood pressure.

It’s a simple, drug-free way to improve health.

In summary, a team of researchers has found a new method to control high blood pressure. By breathing in and out of a device called a POWERbreathe, people can strengthen their breathing muscles and lower their blood pressure.

It’s a simple yet effective solution that has the potential to help many people who struggle with high blood pressure.

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The study was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

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