Get fit to fight fat: exercise can tackle fatty liver disease

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Have you ever wondered how exercise impacts your body, beyond weight loss or muscle gain? Scientists from the University of Eastern Finland dove into this topic.

Their target? A very common liver condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which affects a whopping 25% of people worldwide.

This condition starts with an unhealthy amount of fat stored in liver cells and can lead to liver inflammation and even liver cirrhosis.

Moving More for a Healthier Liver

Here’s the interesting part. Regular high-intensity interval training (HIIT) over just 12 weeks resulted in reduced blood sugar levels, smaller waist sizes, and improved oxygen consumption rates and workloads for the participants.

This is significant because exercise is a key part of treating NAFLD, and these benefits could be related to changes in the body’s metabolites and gut microbes – not just weight management.

Breaking Down the Study

The researchers split the participants into two groups: one that did HIIT twice a week and independent training once a week for 12 weeks, and another that didn’t increase their exercise during the study.

It’s important to note that neither group was trying to lose weight or change their diet during the study.

How Exercise Helped

By the end of the study, the team observed some fascinating changes.

Not only did exercise improve blood sugar levels, waist circumference, oxygen consumption rate, and achieved workload, but it also impacted the levels of various metabolites.

The changes were most significant in amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), lipids, and bile acids.

Increased levels of amino acids in fatty tissue might improve lipid and blood sugar metabolism, which could reduce insulin resistance.

Fitness – A Friend of the Liver

These results highlight how exercise, even without dietary changes or weight loss, can have a positive effect on factors contributing to NAFLD. So, get your running shoes ready – your liver might thank you!

Stay Informed on Liver Health

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For more, look into new therapies for fatty liver disease and how oats can boost your gut and liver health.

This enlightening study, conducted by Ambrin Farizah Babu and team, was published in Scientific Reports.

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