Why girls play it safe

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A new study found out why girls are more careful than boys. Girls feel more pain when they lose something than boys do.

The study also found out that boys are more hopeful than girls, which makes them take more chances.

The research was done by Dr. Chris Dawson from the University of Bath School of Management. The results were published in a journal called the British Journal of Psychology.

What This Means

This study is important because it can help us understand why boys and girls choose different jobs and why they behave differently when it comes to money.

For example, it can explain why there are fewer girls who start their own businesses, or why fewer girls get high-paying jobs or become bosses.

It can also show why girls are less likely to invest their money in the stock market than boys.

How They Did The Study

Dr. Dawson wanted to find out why girls take fewer risks than boys. He thought that when people make risky decisions, they think about two things.

First, they think about how likely it is they will lose something. Second, they think about how much it will hurt if they do lose.

Dr. Dawson found that girls think more about the chance of losing and feel more pain if they do lose.

To understand this, Dr. Dawson studied data from 13,575 people from the UK. He looked at how changes in their money from one year to the next affected their happiness.

He found that boys felt less hurt when they lost money than girls did. But there was no difference in how happy boys and girls were when they gained money.

How Boys and Girls See The Future

When asked to think about their money situation one year from now, boys were more hopeful than girls. This might be because boys believe more in their abilities than girls do.

So if girls are less hopeful and less confident, they will think something is riskier. That’s why girls take fewer chances.

In the end, the study found that girls are less willing to take risks than boys. More than half of this is because girls feel more pain when they lose. A small part of it is because girls are less hopeful about their money in the future.

Even after looking at personality traits like being open-minded, nervous, and outgoing, the results were still the same. Girls were more careful because they were more afraid of loss and less hopeful.

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The study was published in the British Journal of Psychology.

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