Advanced aliens may soon find life on Earth, study shows

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A recent study suggests that aliens on nearby stars could detect Earth through radio signals leaked from the planet.

The research, conducted by scientists from The University of Manchester and elsewhere, used crowd-sourced data to simulate radio leakage from mobile towers to determine what alien civilizations might detect from various nearby stars, including Barnard’s star, which is six light years away from Earth.

Current Levels of Radio Leakage Detection

The research found that only more technologically advanced civilizations would be able to detect the current levels of mobile tower radio leakage from Earth.

However, as most alien civilizations are likely to have more sensitive receiving systems, the detectability of humans from other intelligent beings will become more and more likely.

Professor Mike Garrett, Team Leader of the project, stated that the proliferation of mobile communication systems around the world is profound.

While each system represents relatively low radio powers individually, the integrated spectrum of billions of these devices is substantial.

He suggested that if the trend continues, the Earth could become readily detectable by any advanced civilization with the right technology.

Ramifications of Earth’s Mobile Radio Signature

The models generated by the research team demonstrate the signals that aliens may receive from Earth.

The simulations also show that the Earth’s mobile radio signature includes a substantial contribution from developing countries, including Africa.

This is an exciting development and highlights its success in bypassing the landline stage of development and moving directly into the digital age.

Dr. Nalini Heeralall-Issur, Saide’s supervisor and Associate Professor at the University of Mauritius, believes that there’s every chance advanced civilizations are out there, and some may be capable of observing the human-made radio leakage coming from planet Earth.

Further Research

The research team is keen to extend their research to include other contributors to the Earth’s radio leakage signature, such as powerful civilian and military radars, new digital broadcast systems, Wi-Fi networks, individual mobile handsets, and the swarm of satellite constellations now being launched into low Earth orbit, such as Elon Musk’s Starlink system.


While the research suggests that only advanced civilizations could detect Earth’s radio signals at present, the proliferation of mobile communication systems and the continued development of new technology means that Earth’s detectability by other intelligent beings is likely to increase.

The study highlights the importance of understanding the impact of human technology on our universe and raises the question of whether we are truly alone in the universe.

The study was published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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