E-cigarette users have greater lung inflammation than cigarette smokers

Credit: CDC.

In a study from the University of Pennsylvania, scientists found that electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) users have greater lung inflammation than cigarette smokers and non-smokers.

This study is the first to provide evidence that vaping e-liquids with e-cigarettes creates a unique inflammatory response in the lungs that is different from cigarette smoking.

E-cigarette usage has increased dramatically in the past several years, particularly among adolescents and young adults.

While many people assume that e-cigarettes are safer than conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes can cause pulmonary inflammation and increase the risk of lung disease.

In addition, their long-term safety has not been rigorously evaluated.

In the PET study, the team used a novel radiotracer, 18F-NOS, to compare lung inflammation between cigarette and e-cigarette users.

Although PET imaging with 18F-FDG has been used in the past to investigate inflammation in smokers and vapers, its conclusions were limited.

Study participants were divided into three age- and sex-matched groups: five e-cigarette users, five cigarette smokers, and five never-smoked/vaped controls.

18F-NOS PET was performed to quantify and compare lung inflammation.

The team found e-cigarette users showed greater pulmonary inflammation than cigarette smokers and never-smoked/vaped controls.

A positive association between pulmonary and peripheral measures of inflammation was also found, suggesting that e-cigarette use may increase pulmonary inflammation.

These findings provide patients with additional evidence about the potentially harmful effects of e-cigarette use on the lungs.

These findings suggest molecular imaging may be uniquely poised to detect and measure the potential harms associated with electronic cigarettes, which have been touted as a safer vehicle for nicotine compared to traditional combustible cigarettes.

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The study was conducted by Reagan Wetherill et al and published in The Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

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