Why 15% of UK people have never had COVID-19

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In a study from London Medical Laboratory, scientists found many people have contracted COVID at least three times, yet around 3 in 20 Brits have never caught it at all.

They examined whether vaccines, lifestyle, or blood group are the key to their escape.

They found as well as successful vaccines, there could be two further reasons why some people have escaped every form of COVID so far.

Lifestyle is thought to play an important part in reducing our chance of catching the virus, while, somewhat unexpectedly, what blood type people have also looked to be playing a part.

In terms of lifestyle, obviously those people who are cautious about visiting crowded areas, continue to wear masks on public transport and limit indoor socializing are less likely to catch the virus at all, or at least reduce the frequency with which they catch it.

Lifestyle is more than just exercising caution; however, socio-economic status is a big factor. It can influence how well we can afford to eat, our ease of access to healthcare, the number of vitamins we take, etc.

Age and health are also key factors. On the positive side, older people may be less likely to visit crowded clubs and festivals, limiting their potential exposure to the virus.

On the other hand, if you’re older or have an underlying disease like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, you’re more likely to develop a severe illness if you do catch it.

There is now strong evidence that another factor entirely beyond our control is also at play.

There have now been too many studies to ignore which reveal that people have a lower chance of people of catching the virus, or developing a severe illness if they have blood group O.

Some studies also found being RhD negative can also mean greater COVID protection.

But the team suggests that vy far the most important factor is the number of antibodies you carry, from inoculations and previous infections, together with your level of overall health and fitness.

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The study was conducted by Dr. Quinton Fivelman et al and published in Seminars in Vascular Surgery.

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