Exercise can help heart surgery patients recover fast

Credit: CC0 Public Domain.

Scientists from Swinburne found exercise is effective to help people with heart surgery recover fast.

The research was conducted by Jacqueline Pengelly et al.

Exercise is typically limited to light level activity for twelve weeks as patients recover from operations that have taken up to four hours to complete.

But this study showed upper body resistance training can commence and be beneficial just two weeks after an operation.

In the study, the team found commencing just two weeks after heart surgery, the program included 12 weeks of resistance training, performed using both limbs simultaneously.

Patients in the resistance training program reported feeling stronger and were motivated to keep trying to increase their workload.

Because they were supervised, and their safety and recovery monitored, they gained the knowledge and confidence needed to recommence the activities they enjoy safer and earlier than minimal activity rehab programs.

Mild cognitive impairment can affect up to 80 percent of patients for months, or even years, leading to loss of independence and delayed recovery.

This study has shown that patients who undertake early resistance training recover quicker, within three months after surgery.

The team says there is an increasing body of evidence promoting more active recovery programs, as opposed to passive.

It allows patients to become independent earlier in their recovery process, relying less on family/caregivers, which has a positive impact on both their physical and mental health.

Exercise physiologists need to carefully select outcome measures that are appropriate to the patient’s ability and use this information to prescribe exercises and exercise intensities that are appropriate.

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