COVID-19 may damage right side of your heart

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Scientists from the University of Glasgow found that the COVID-19 virus is linked to impaired function of the right side of the heart.

These findings could play a vital role in not only saving the lives of COVID-19 patients but for the care of potentially fatal heart and lung issues generally, as well as helping prepare for any possible future pandemic.

The research is published in Anaesthesia and was conducted by Dr. Philip McCall et al.

In the study, the team examined 121 critically ill patients who were receiving treatment on ventilators due to the impact of COVID-19 on their health

They found that about 1 in 3 of the patients showed problems in the right side of the heart—the area that pumps blood to the lungs.

The researchers say a combination of factors creates the perfect storm for COVID-19 to damage the right side of your heart, which ultimately can cause death.

If people are pumping blood to the lungs and the lungs become very sick, they have an additional problem because the lungs are not willing to receive blood.

This is a very difficult condition to spot unless doctors are specifically looking for it.

That is why the results of this study are very important. COVID-19 is a problem associated with not just ventilation, but can affect the heart.

The study has revealed that there is no doubt COVID-19 affects the heart and has a major impact on outcomes for the patient.

The team says ultrasound scans can be used differently to focus in on early warning signs and areas to be at risk.

If doctors are able to see these warning signs early enough, they can explore the causes of any complications and start new treatments as soon as possible, potentially improving outcomes for the sickest patients with COVID-19.

Nearly half of ventilated patients in the study (47%) died because of COVID-19, a figure that is comparable to national and international death rates.

The team says that the overall condition of a person’s heart can have a big impact on how seriously you will be affected by the potentially deadly virus.

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