Common heartburn drug and depression drug may help treat COVID-19

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In a recent study, scientists found that many COVID-19 survivors had chronic heartburn and took an inexpensive drug called famotidine, the key ingredient in Pepcid.

The research is published in Signal Transduction & Targeted Therapy and was conducted by Phil Bourne et al.

In the study, the team analyzed the medical records of millions of COVID-19 patients living in 30 different countries.

They focused on 22,000 people and showed that when delivered at high doses (the equivalent of about 10 Pepcid tablets), famotidine appears to improve the odds of survival for COVID-19 patients, especially when it is combined with aspirin.

It also seems to hinder the severity of disease progression, making patients less likely to reach the point where they require intubation or a ventilator.

The team says one of the most dangerous phenomena COVID-19 can trigger in your body is something called a cytokine storm, which is a potentially fatal amplification of an immune response.

When you become sick, your immune system releases inflammatory proteins called cytokines that tell your immune cells how to fight the infection.

But in more severe illnesses, cytokine production can spiral out of control, becoming dysregulated. The team’s theory is that famotidine suppresses that reaction.

In another study from McMaster University, scientists found an inexpensive oral antidepressant can save the lives of COVID-19 patients and cut hospital admissions by up to 30%. The study was conducted by Ed Mills et al.

In the study, the team treated 738 randomly selected Brazilian COVID-19 patients with fluvoxamine, while another 733 received a placebo between Jan. 20 and Aug. 6 of this year.

Every patient receiving fluvoxamine during the trial is tracked for 28 days to determine their health outcomes and if they still need hospital treatment.

The team found about a 30% reduction in events among those receiving fluvoxamine compared to those who did not.

They say fluvoxamine is the only treatment that, if administered early, can prevent COVID-19 from becoming a life-threatening illness.

It could be one of the most powerful weapons against the virus and its effectiveness is one of the most important discoveries we have made since the pandemic began.

In addition, this cheap, easily accessible pill is a massive boon to public health, both in Canada and internationally, allowing hospitals to avoid expensive and sometimes risky treatments.

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