Cannabis flower can treat this common health problem effectively

Credit: CC0 Public Domain.

Scientists from The University of New Mexico found cannabis flower is effective in treating fatigue.

They found that using cannabis results in immediate improvement in feelings of fatigue in the majority of users.

The research is published in Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids and was conducted by Jacob Miguel Vigil et al.

Fatigue is a core feature of many types of illnesses, and several studies have shown that people with chronic pain, cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, and multiple sclerosis report increased energy levels after consuming medical cannabis.

Other research shows patients are increasingly supplementing with or switching entirely from conventional pharmaceutical prescription medications to medical cannabis, demonstrating a revealed preference for using this ancient and natural form of medicine.

In the study, the team used a mobile software app to measure the effects of consuming different types of common and commercially available cannabis flower products on fatigue levels in real time.

The data were from 3,922 cannabis self-administration sessions recorded by 1,224 people.

The team found that over 91 percent of people in the study sample that used cannabis flowers to treat fatigue reported symptom improvement.

People who used cannabis cigarettes or “joints” to combust the flower reported greater symptom relief than pipe or vaporizer users.

On average, people are likely to experience a 3.5-point improvement of feelings of fatigue on a 0-10 scale after combusting cannabis flower products, conventionally referred to as “buds.”

The team says one of the most surprising outcomes of this study is that cannabis, in general, yielded improvements in symptoms of fatigue, rather than just a subset of products, such as those with higher THC or CBD levels.

This study has implications for patients experiencing fatigue as a symptom of their medical condition, and this can lead to healthier options in the current energy drink and supplement market.

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