Ray Dalio: Why You Should Try Transcendental Meditation

Credit: Finance Jane

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a form of silent, mantra meditation advocated by the Transcendental Meditation movement.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi created the technique in India in the mid-1950s. 

Advocates of TM claim that the technique promotes a state of relaxed awareness, stress relief, and access to higher states of consciousness, as well as physiological benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

The TM technique involves the use of a silently-used sound called a mantra, and is practiced for 15–20 minutes twice per day. 

It is taught by certified teachers through a standard course of instruction, which costs a fee that varies by country. 

According to the Transcendental Meditation movement, it is a non-religious method for relaxation, stress reduction, and self-development. 

The technique has been seen as both religious and non-religious; sociologists, scholars, and a New Jersey judge and court are among those who have expressed views on it being religious or non-religious.

Ray Dalio is an advocate of transcendental meditation. In this video, he talks about why he uses it and how it helps him achieve life success.

Source: Finance Jane.