A single dose of this drug can effectively prevent COVID-19

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Scientists from the University of Colorado found that a single dose of AZD7442 is effective in preventing COVID-19.

The research is published in the New England Journal of Medicine and was conducted by Myron J. Levin et al.

In the study, the team conducted a phase 3 clinical trial.

The tested adults with an increased risk for an inadequate response to vaccination against COVID-19, an increased risk for exposure to COVID-19, or both.

A total of 5,197 participants were assigned to receive a single dose of AZD7442 (two consecutive intramuscular injections of tixagevimab and cilgavimab) or saline placebo (3,460 and 1,737 individuals, respectively).

In the primary analysis, the participants were followed for up to 183 days.

The team found that 35.3 and 34.2 percent of participants in the AZD7442 and placebo groups, respectively, reported having at least one adverse event, which were mostly mild or moderate in severity.

Symptomatic COVID-19 occurred in 0.2 and 1.0 percent of participants in the AZD7442 and placebo groups, respectively.

The COVID-19 risk reduction was 82.8 percent at extended follow-up at six months. There were five cases of severe or critical COVID-19 and two COVID-19-associated deaths, all in the placebo group.

These findings support the use of a single dose of AZD7442 (two consecutive intramuscular injections) for the prevention of symptomatic and severe COVID-19.

AstraZeneca manufactures AZD7442 and funded the study.

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