Can you eat beans if you have diabetes?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain.

Consuming fruits and vegetables of all kinds can help reduce the risk of many adverse health conditions.

Many studies have suggested that including more plant foods, such as green beans, in the diet decreases the risk of obesity, heart disease, and overall mortality.

Green beans, string beans, or snap beans are a rich source of vitamins A, C, and K, and of folic acid and fiber.

In addition, beans are a diabetes superfood. The American Diabetes Association advises people with diabetes to add dried beans or no-sodium canned beans to several meals each week.

Although beans contain carbohydrates, they are also a good source of dietary fiber and protein, which gives them a low glycaemic index, meaning they can help prevent significant spikes in blood glucose levels.

Beans are a complex carbohydrate, which the body digests slowly, helping you to feel fuller for longer and reducing spikes to your glucose levels as the carbohydrate from your bean meal is released slowly into your bloodstream.

Kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, and garbanzo beans are all great for blood glucose control. They’re high in fiber and take a long time to digest.

Apart from keeping your blood glucose level stable, dietary fiber can also offer additional benefits for your heart health, keep your bowel movements regular, and may help you to achieve a healthy weight.

For more information about diabetes and beans, please check this video.

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