Depression drug Ketamine could treat anxiety rapidly

Life isn’t always a walk in the park– you, like everyone else, experience the highs and lows of daily living.

There will be moments of happiness, rejection, fear, and sadness regardless of status, background, or gender orientation you are in.

While it comes once in a while, to some, these negative experiences can cause magnified feelings of fear, stress, and sometimes depression. When that happens, they can be classified as anxiety attacks.

Having that feeling of fear over something you can’t control triggers anxiety.

While it’s normal to experience it before big lifestyle transitions or fearful events like waiting for your wife’s successful delivery, moving to a new city, or preparing for a big presentation at work, there can be signs that indicate you need the help of anxiety medications.

This Health & Medicine Lab video talks about the promise of ketamine as a rapid-acting treatment for anxiety disorders.

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