Warren Buffett: Why I Think Bitcoin Is a Bubble

credit: Finance Jane

According to CNBC, Bitcoin has lost almost 50% of value since its November high.

It was trading at around $35,000, about half of its value since a record high of $69,000 in November.

And it’s not just Bitcoin. Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, sank nearly 10% to trade around $2,400.

This may suggest that global investors have entered the year with a reduced appetite for risk, according to CoinDesk, a news site specializing in bitcoin and digital currencies.

Experts have warned that crypto investment is too risky for most people. Small investors could be wiped out by dramatic falls in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

Many people believe that Bitcoin and crypto investment is a good way to build wealth. If you’re willing to take on higher levels of risk, it could be fantastic for becoming rich.

They believe cryptocurrency is a long-term investment, and the current uncertainty won’t last forever.

Great investors, however, strongly disagree. In this video, Warren Buffett, the greatest investor, explains why he thinks bitcoin is a bubble. Is he right?

Warning: This video is to show you Buffett’s opinion about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Please do your research before doing any investment. A good balance between return and risk is the key to investment success.

Source: Finance Jane (Shared via CC-BY).