Warren Buffett: Why I Have Never Bought Microsoft

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Warren Buffett is known as a businessman and philanthropist. But he’s probably best known for being one of the world’s most successful investors.

What tech company did Warren Buffett invest in?

IBM. When he initially invested, Berkshire Hathaway bought 64 million shares at an average price of $170 per share, for a total value of $10.7 billion of IBM common stock.

The short answer as to why he sold it is because he finally saw the value in Apple.

According to CNBC, Warren Buffett makes over $120 billion on Apple’s rise to $3 trillion, among his best bets ever.

The 5% Apple stake Berkshire Hathaway acquired in 2018 for $36 billion is now worth $160 billion as the tech giant hit the $3 trillion milestone.

It is well known that Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are very close friends who have partnered in philanthropy, political activism, and online bridge.

Warren Buffett might be stepping down from his role as a trustee on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, but that won’t impact his relationship with Bill Gates.

The two billionaires have been best friends for almost 30 years.

Many people may feel strange that Warren Buffett has never bought Microsoft stocks. In this video, Buffett gives his answer.

Source: Finance Jane (Shared via CC-BY)