Third mRNA vaccine may effectively reduce COVID-19 hospitalization

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

In a new study from the CDC COVID-19 Emergency Response Team, researchers found the receipt of a third COVID-19 mRNA vaccine dose is linked to increased vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 hospitalization.

They examined the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines against COVID-19-associated hospitalization among 2,952 adults hospitalized from Aug. 19 to Dec. 15, 2021.

mRNA vaccine effectiveness was compared for adults eligible for but who had not received a third vaccine dose and vaccine-eligible adults who had received the third dose seven or more days before the illness.

The researchers found that among 1,875 adults without immunocompromising conditions, vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 hospitalization was higher among those who had received a booster dose than those who had received two doses (97% versus 82%).

Findings were similar among the 1,077 adults with immunocompromising conditions who had received the third dose to complete the primary series versus recipients of two doses (88% versus 69%).

They say that among adults with and without immunocompromising conditions who were eligible to receive a third dose of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, third doses were found to increase protection beyond that of a two-dose vaccination series for the prevention of COVID-19 hospitalization.

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The study is published in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, and was conducted by Mark W. Tenforde, M.D. et al.

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