Intermittent fasting: 10 tips for success

Credit: CC0 Public Domain.

Do you experience high blood sugar in between meals or wonder why blood sugar is not coming down?

Do you want to stop the habit of snacking?

This video will go over the best tips to prevent blood sugar spikes and weight gain especially when you have diabetes type 2 or diabetes mellitus type 1.

Snacking problem is a major issue in treating diabetes because cutting carbs is not always as effective if you continue to snack in between meals.

The video will give you the top 10 tips to stop snacking and blood sugar spikes, which as a result prevent weight gain.

It will also help you achieve intermittent fasting and nutrition goals. A good diabetes diet plan should always include a plan to deal with the urge to snack.

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Source: SugarMD (Shared via CC-BY)