Why you need COVID vaccines: They can prevent severe disease, even from Delta

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

In a new study from Epi-Phare in France, researchers found vaccination is highly effective at preventing severe cases of COVID-19, even against the Delta variant.

They focused on the prevention of severe COVID and death, not the infection.

The team looked at 22 million people over 50 and found those who had received jabs were 90 percent less likely to be hospitalized or die.

The results are in line with observations from the US, the UK and Israel.

In the study, the team analyzed data collected starting in December 2020, when France launched its jab campaign.

They compared the outcomes of 11 million vaccinated people with 11 million unvaccinated people.

They matched an unvaccinated individual with a vaccinated counterpart from the same region and of the same age and sex, tracking them from the date of the vaccinated person’s second jab to July 20.

The team found that starting 14 days after a second dose, a vaccinated person’s risk of severe COVID was reduced by 90%.

Furthermore, vaccination appears to be nearly as effective against the Delta variant, with 84% protection for people 75 and older and 92% for people 50-75.

The study covers vaccination with the Pfizer/BioNtech, Moderna and AstraZeneca jabs. The findings also suggest that over the period of study—up to five months—vaccination protection against severe COVID did not diminish.

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The leader of the study is Mahmoud Zureik.

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