Healthy diet could reduce severity of migraine headache

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In a new study from Istanbul Medipol University, researchers found a high-quality diet is linked to lower migraine severity and frequency.

They examined the correlation between diet quality and dietary patterns (the Mediterranean or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension [DASH]) and migraine attributes.

The analysis included adults diagnosed with episodic migraines at an outpatient headache clinic.

The researchers found that a low Mediterranean Diet Adherence Screener score was associated with more severe disability and more severe and frequent attacks.

There was a big negative correlation observed between the Mediterranean Diet Adherence Screener score and attack severity.

Similarly, participants with a low DASH compliance scale score had more severe and frequent attacks, and there was a significant negative correlation between attack severity and DASH compliance scale scores.

Lastly, people with poor diet quality had more severe migraine attacks and there was a strong negative link observed between diet quality total score and attack severity.

The team says the association between having a good diet quality and milder signs of migraine emphasizes the importance of diet quality in the medical nutritional treatment of migraine.

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The study is published in Nutritional Neuroscience. One author of the study is Hande Bakirhan.

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