Green tea provides new hope to treat COVID-19, study finds

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

In a new study from JSS College of Pharmacy, researchers found green tea may help develop a drug capable of tackling Covid-19.

In the study, the team screened and sorted a library of natural compounds already know to be active against other coronaviruses using an artificial intelligence-aided computer program.

Their findings suggested that one of the compounds in green tea could combat the coronavirus behind Covid-19.

The compound that their model predicts to be most active is gallocatechin, which is present in green tea and could be readily available, accessible, and affordable.

There now needs to be further investigation to show if it can be proven clinically effective and safe for preventing or treating Covid-19.

The team says this is still a preliminary step, but it could be a potential lead to tackling the devastating Covid-19 pandemic.

The finding demonstrates that natural products remain an important source of lead compounds in the fight against infectious diseases.

The team added they are now looking forward to seeing how the work can be developed: There now needs to be appropriate pre-clinical and clinical studies and they would welcome potential collaborators and partners to help carry this work forward.

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The study is published in RSC Advances. One author of the study is Dr Suresh Mohankumar.

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