This new app may help you take control of migraine

Credit: NIH.

Have you ever had a migraine?

A migraine is a headache that causes a throbbing pain on one or both sides of your head.

Migraines can be very severe and may cause other symptoms like nausea, weakness, and sensitivity to noise and light.

Your migraines may seem random, but there are many factors that might cause them, including stress, certain foods, and too much or too little sleep.

Take control of your migraines with NIH’s new app called “Migraine Trainer.” Designed for teens 13 and older, the app can help you find out what causes your migraines.

This can help you and your health care provider come up with a personalized plan for managing them.

You can take note of when your migraines happen, how long they last, and where the pain is. You can also mark down how much sleep, exercise, and water you had before the migraine started.

Tracking your habits can help you discover what leads to your migraines and what’s helped get you through them.

“Migraine Trainer” also offers tips for dealing with the pain of migraines.

Take migraines into your own hands by downloading the app for free from the App Store for Apple or Google Play.