Special stroke symptoms every woman should know

Special stroke symptoms every woman should know

Stroke is one of the top leading cause of death in the U.S., and research has shown that women make up nearly 60% of all stroke deaths.

According to experts from the American Heart Association (AHA), many women miss or brush off their stroke symptoms due to busy work and daily life responsibilities.

Delaying in diagnosis and treatment can strongly increase the risk of death and disabilities in stroke patients.

Recent studies from AHA have shown that men and women share common signs of stroke symptoms. But women also can experience more subtle warning signs.

Common signs of stroke in both men and women include:

Face drooping;

Arm weakness;

Speech difficulty;

Vision problems;

Trouble walking or lack of coordination; and

Severe headache without a known cause.

Special signs of stroke in women include:

General weakness;

Disorientation and confusion or memory problems;

Fatigue; and

Nausea or vomiting.

Research suggests that women may experience more understated symptoms and that they may hesitate to talk to their doctors or call for health care.

It is important for all women to pay attention to any sudden change or unusual body function. If they have any concerns, they need to look for help.

Stroke treatment is highly time-sensitive, and any delay can increase the risk of death or permanent brain damage.

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