5 signs of summer depression you should know

5 signs of summer depression you should know

Summer is the time people can enjoy the sunshine and outdoor activities.

But for some people, summertime may mean schedule stress, Instagram envy, and very unpleasant heat.

These feelings can grow into summer depression or a summer-onset seasonal affective disorder.

Michelle Riba, M.D., a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan, provides useful information about how to recognize summer depression early.

According to her, there are 5 important signs of the disorder:

A strong hatred of the heat

It is normal to feel uncomfortable when the weather is very hot.

But if you have very strong worry and anxiety and you behave in a nervous way in the summer time, you may need to take care of yourself.

The researcher suggests that ample time in air-conditioning may help.

You experience sleep loss

Sleep loss, or insomnia, is very common in people who have depression. The symptom can be worse in summer because the daytime is long and full of the summer sun.

It can be helpful if you shut sun out with shades in your home.

You lose your appetite

People with summer depression may have changes in appetites and weight loss.

It is important to reduce the heat in your eating place.

You feel isolated while others are happy

Other people are happy and having fun when doing outdoor activities, but you feel frustrated and isolated.

You are no longer interested in things you used to love. This can be a sign of depression.

Your feel your vacation is stressful

Summer vacation should be relaxing. If you feel vacation only cause anxiety or your social schedule is very stressful, it could be a sign of depression.

The researcher also suggests that people with bipolar disorder may have manic episodes peak in spring and summer time.

People who have concerns about these symptoms need to talk to their doctors. Depression is treatable, and early detection is the key.

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