5 common foot injuries you should know

5 common foot injuries you should know

As the weather warms up, many people choose to do exercise outdoors.

While this certainly benefits health, it may increase the risk of a foot injury.

John Giurini, DPM, Chief of Podiatric Surgery at BIDMC, suggests people pay attention to five common foot injuries.

Plantar fasciitis

One of the most common foot injuries for active people is inflammation of the plantar fascia (a thick band of tissue in the arch of the foot).

Normally, the plantar fascia helps absorb the shock of pounding on the pavement. But repetitive stretching could cause inflammation and irritation, and even small tears.

Research has shown that being “flat-footed” or having a high arch can lead to this condition.

Other risk factors include being overweight or having a job that keeps you on your feet all day.

The injury can be treated with rest, ice and stretching to give the inflammation time to heal. Some people may need steroid injections and surgical procedures.


Blisters appear when a foot is exposed to constant friction and moisture.

In a blister, fluid collects between the top and deeper layers of skin. It may initially act as a cushion, but when it grows, it can be very painful.

Moreover, if a blister breaks open, it is also susceptible to infection.

To prevent blisters, it is important to wear fit shoes and socks.

The researcher suggests that when a blister starts to form, people can apply a bandage or piece of tape to the skin to inhibit further irritation.

If the blister gets bigger or more painful, or redness develops around the blister, people should have it tested for infection.

Toenail injuries

This condition is often caused by unfit shoes, which may make your feet slide forward with every step. The movement can injure your toenail, making it bleed underneath.

It is important to wear fit shoes. Shoes that are too big can be as harmful as shoes that are too small. And always keep your toenails trimmed to prevent these injuries.

Sprains, strains, and tendinitis

According to the researcher, a sprain is a soft tissue injury caused by over-stretching ligaments that connect bone to bone.

Strains and tendinitis, or swelling, are often caused by overuse and can be related to abnormal foot mechanics or structure.

Rest, ice, compression, elevation, or RICE, is a good first-line of treatment for the conditions.

Stress fractures

A fracture is a break in the bone, which occurs because of repetitive stress on the bone.

Signs of a fracture include swelling, bruising and difficulty walking.

The RICE method is also helpful for these injuries. But an appointment with your doctor may help prevent further damage.

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