How we will handle the day when asteroids hit the Earth

How we will handle the day when asteroids hit the Earth
Credit: NASA.

Currently, about 150 new asteroids are discovered every month.

Until April 2019, about 20,000 asteroids near Earth have been found.

Every two years, scientists from across the globe come together to simulate a fictional but plausible imminent asteroid impact on Earth.

They playing roles such as ‘national government’, ‘space agency’, ‘astronomer’ and ‘civil protection office’.

These roles don’t know how the situation will evolve and must make plans based on the daily updates they are given.

Now scientists from the European Space Agency will cover a major international asteroid impact exercise live via social media.

According to the researchers, the exercise is being done by experts from NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office and the US Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The conference is the world’s most important gathering of asteroid experts. It highlights actions that need to be taken by scientists, space agencies and civil protection organizations.

The week-long scenario will be shown from 29 April to 3 May via social media, primarily via the @esaoperations Twitter channel.

The channel will share updates on the asteroid impact exercise in real-time.

It will publish daily press releases to show how the asteroid impact scenario will evolve. People can also join ESA for two live-stream videos straight from the Planetary Defense Conference.

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