How to eat right to build strong muscles

How to eat right to build strong muscles

Strong muscles can benefit our health.

They can help us move easily, have good posture, perform everyday activities and work effectively, strengthen our ligaments and bones and decrease our risk of injury and falls.

It is known that exercise is the major way to build strong muscles. But nutrient foods are very important, too. Here are tips about how to eat right to build strong muscles.

Eat carb and protein before your exercise

A combination of carb and protein could provide you enough energy for a workout. You should aim for 1g of carb to each half gram of protein an hour before exercise.

Eat amino acids after exercise

Amino acids play a big role in muscle recovery and growth after your exercise.

If you do resistance training, you should consume amino acids every hour for 4 hours thereafter.

With amino acids, you gain muscles quickly and efficiently while reducing muscle fatigue.

Eat enough protein in the daily diet

Protein is essential for building lean muscles and keeping blood-sugar levels stable. You should aim for 2g of protein for each kilo of your body weight.

Eat yogurt as your snack

Yogurt has high calcium and may help increase muscle growth and build strong bones.

Have balanced protein sources from animals and plants

Although animal protein is important for muscle growth, it may influence bone density if you consume a lot.

You can avoid this by adding vegetable proteins such as beans, nuts, lentils, and seeds.

Complement with nitric oxide

Research has shown that nitric oxide could increase the size of the blood vessels in your muscles.

This means nitric oxide can Increase your workout performance and increases blood flow from the heart to every area of the body.

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