Exercise should be the first thing to do after a heart attack

Exercise should be the first thing to do after a heart attack

People who survive a heart attack often don’t want to do exercise.

They worry that their heart and body are not strong enough to handle the physical activity and that they may suffer again from a heart attack.

However, recent research has shown that exercise should be the first thing to think about after a heart attack.

Researchers suggest that exercise should be an important part of the standard care just as aspirin or statins.

For example, A recent study found that people who survived a heart attack had a 71% lower risk of death if they were physically active.

Another study showed that cardiac rehab could help reduce death risk by 53% and reduce death from heart disease by 57%.

Researchers explain that this is because exercise can help preserve the strength and flexibility of the heart and enables blood vessels to relax.

This can improve lipids and blood pressure and cut heart strain during daily activities.

As with any healthy habits, exercise can bring health benefits when people do it for a long time.

The best way to take exercise after a heart attack is by doing cardiac rehabilitation.

Cardiac rehab could help people overcome the initial fear of exercise and gradually take control of the risk factors that contribute to a heart attack.

In addition, patients in cardiac rehab can get help from all types of experts, including cardiologists, cardiac nurses, physical therapists, exercise specialists, mental health counselors, and nutritionists.

Moreover, cardiac rehab may motive patients to keep doing exercise after the program is finished.

Researchers also suggest that some types of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) may improve health in people with heart disease.

HIIT is short bursts of activity with short rest periods. It takes less time than normal exercise but is equally effective. With HIIT, 15-minute sessions can be as effective as 60 minutes of a lower-intensity exercise.

If a doctor has not recommended cardiac rehab, heart disease patients may ask for a referral. Exercise is an important way to help patients go back to normal life.

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