Scientists find new way to treat gout

Scientists find new way to treat gout

In a new study, researchers from University conducted a new project called NOR-gout study.

Their findings showed that a new method could reduce uric acid in the body and may be used to treat gout.

The results provide a new treatment for gout and may help improve patients’ quality of life.

Gout is an inflammatory disease that can cause very painful attacks. The disease primarily affects men, especially men over 40 years of age.

It is often caused by underexcretion of uric acid through the kidneys. Sometimes, diets rich in fat and alcohol can trigger gout. Alcohol could help break down purine into uric acid.

In addition, being overweight or obesity can increase gout risk.

The painful symptoms often occur in the big toe or other places in the body. For example, a patient may experience swollen and extremely painful joints.

The disease can cause several complications and harm to heart health.

Many doctors and patients focus on reducing the immediate pain and inflammation during the pain attacks but ignore preventing the attacks.

Previous studies have shown that it is important to maintain low levels of uric acid in the body to prevent new attacks.

Drugs for pain relief cannot lower the level of uric acid in patients.

In the study, the team found that lowering of the body’s uric acid levels is an effective treatment.

They treated more than 200 patients suffering from gout. All the patients had high levels of uric acid in their blood.

The patients were scheduled for monthly check-ups with doctors and nurses. They were also given lifestyle advice.

The team found this regime not only had a positive effect on the patients’ symptoms but also reversed the process where uric acid is accumulated in bodily tissue.

After one year, the accumulated uric acid in the patients’ joints had been significantly reduced.

The researchers suggest that having a healthy lifestyle is important to reduce gout attacks.

This includes reducing the intake of meat, sardines, bacon, mussels, and yeast that increase uric acid level in the body.

People should also drink enough water while limiting alcohol, cut out the stress in daily life, get enough rest and sleep and exercise regularly.

The team also suggest that lower uric acid levels will also benefit the heart and kidneys.

One researcher of the study is Professor Till Uhlig.

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