New sensor could measure pressure, temperature and humidity at the same time

New sensor could measure pressure, temperature and humidity at the same time
Credit: Thor Balkhed.

In a new study, researchers have developed a new sensor that could measure pressure, temperature, and humidity at the same time.

The sensor is made by cellulose soaked in a carefully designed polymer mixture.

According to the researchers, all three measurements are completely independent of each other.

The study was conducted by scientists in the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linköping University.

Previous studies have tried to integrate the different sensors into the same circuit, but there are some technical challenges.

In the study, the team successfully combined all three measurements into a single sensor.

The development was made on the basis of an elastic aerogel of polymers, which conducts both ions and electrons, and subsequent exploitation of the thermoelectric effect.

Because the material is thermoelectric, it is also possible to measure temperature changes.

And the humidity affects how rapidly the ions move from the warm side to the cold one. If the humidity is zero, no ions are transported.

The team also has found a way to separate the three signals from each other, such that each can be simply read individually.

The researchers suggest that the sensor may have big applications in healthcare, robotics, and security.

For example, it can be used in the monitoring of patients at home, robotics, an electronic skin, functional textiles, surveillance, and security.

The unique sensor also prepares the way for the internet of things with lower complexity and lower production costs.

The principal author of the study is Xavier Crispin, professor in the Laboratory of Organic Electronics.

The study is published in Advanced Science.

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