How to self-manage diabetes better

How to self-manage diabetes better

Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires careful management in daily life.

Experts gave many tips for managing diabetes better. Some tips focus on using new medications or new forms of insulin.

Other tips focus on lifestyle changes that make it easier to manage the disease.

Here are three tips for better diabetes self-management.

First, break up sedentary time.

It is known that sitting less and doing more physical activity can help control blood sugar levels.

Any form of physical activity is better than nothing. Moving more can also help you control body weight.

As for sedentary time, you should reduce it overall. You should also break it up.

For example, instead of sitting in front of your desk for 2 hours, you can stand up and walk around 3-4 times after every 30 minutes of sitting.

By doing so, you can get better blood sugar level and healthier body weight.

Second, eat some oily fish.

Oily fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acid. The nutrient is quite important for your eye health. Diabetes can hurt your eyes with high blood sugar level. The blood vessels inside the eyes may be damaged.

There it is important to protect the eyes from health problems like blur visions and blindness.

Recent studies show that people with diabetes who ate at least 2 servings of fatty fish a week were less likely to have eye problems.

There are many types of fish you can choose for omega-3. They include tuna, salmon, trout, sardine, and shellfish like crabs and mussels. These fish can also benefit your heart health.

Third, use an app to help you manage the disease.

Recent research has shown that phone apps can help control diabetes. Apps can help people track their blood sugar, physical activity level and calorie intake.

What is more, apps can give quick feedbacks from healthcare providers. If you use these apps correctly, you may reduce your blood sugar levels.

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