Exercise could keep your heart young

Exercise could keep your heart young

To keep your heart healthy, you should do exercise regularly, most days of a week.

Doctors, health organizations, and the U.S. surgeon general all agree that exercise is a good medicine for the heart.

But can exercise help your heart? The reasons are not well understood.

But in a recent study from Harvard Medical School, researchers uncovered one explanation for why exercise might be beneficial.

In experiments on mice, the team found that exercise stimulates the heart to make new muscle cells, both under normal conditions and after a heart attack.

The researchers said that to maintain a healthy heart, there need to be a balance between the loss of heart muscle cells due to injury or aging with the regeneration or birth of new heart muscle cells.

Their study suggests exercise can help tip the balance in favor of regeneration.

Therefore, it is possible that people may be able to make the heart younger by exercising more every day.

The team even suggest that if they can turn on these pathways at just the right time, in the right people, then they can improve recovery after a heart attack.

There are many types of exercise you can do in daily life.

Aerobic exercise makes your heart beat faster and makes you breathe harder, and you should do it at a moderate to vigorous level. Walking, hiking, climbing, swimming, dancing, cycling and playing tennis are good options.

Strength training help you build muscles. If you have more muscles and less body fat, you’ll burn more calories.

In that way you can lose and keep off extra weight. Hand weights, elastic bands, or weight machines are some options.

Stretching exercises help you relax, increase your flexibility, and help prevent sore muscles. Yoga is a good example.

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