A wearable second skin making you look young and healthy

Young skin

Skin is an important organ that has multiple physiological and psychological functions.

It protects us from extreme temperatures, radiation, toxins, and mechanical insult while maintaining the internal environment in the body.

In addition, healthy skin makes us look energetic, confident, and more attractive. That is why every year people spend multi-billion dollars on skin care.

Nevertheless, skin can be harmed by many factors like aging, some diseases, and environment insult, and currently, there is still no effective way to change the situation.

But researchers have focused on an alternative solution: a wearable elastic skin that restores the beauty of normal skin.

In a study published in Nature Materials, researchers used a crosslinked polymer layer (XPL) to make an elastic skin that can be worn invisibly.

This second skin can mimic the properties of normal, youthful skin.

In the study, researchers showed that when participants used the XPL skin for two minutes around eyes, the skin texture was smoother and eye bags looked smaller compared with a baseline (i.e. no XPL treatment).

After three hours of using the XPL skin, the eye bags were reduced even more.

Researchers tested XPL on 12 people and found that the application of XPL can reduce eye bags effectively.

This XPL skin may offer new methods to rebuild skin barrier function and help people remain young and pretty.

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