How to present yourself to get hiring recommendations on LinkedIn


LinkedIn now is the world’s largest professional network.

As a user, you can build your personal profile, hunt jobs, recruit employees, connect with other people in your field, and join professional groups.

Although a job seeker can optimize his/her self-presentation on LinkedIn, it is unknown whether this effort can help secure opportunities for job interviews.

In a study newly published in Computers in Human Behavior, researchers tried to answer this question. Particularly, they examined how a job seeker’s self-presentation influences recruiters’ hiring recommendations.

They focused on three factors, including recruiters’ perception of person–job (P-J) fit, person-organization (P-O) fit, and person–person fit (P-P) fit.

P-J fit is the fit between a job seeker’s knowledge, skills, and abilities and the job requirements. P-O fit is the fit between a job seeker and organizational values and cultures.

P-P fit is about the job seeker has qualities that the recruiter likes and the recruiter is willing to spend time with the job seeker.

To conduct the study, researchers joined a professional LinkedIn group, where job seekers and recruiters commonly search for jobs and candidates in the HR field.

They connected with 5 recruiters, and each of them randomly and carefully reviewed LinkedIn profiles of job seekers in the field. They then finished a questionnaire about the self-presentation of job seekers.

The result showed that recruiters thought P-J fit, P-O fit, and P-P fit positively when a job seeker provided quality and source credibility.

Moreover, they made inferences about P-J fit and P-O fit based on the provided quality and source credibility.

Non-work activity such as volunteer experience was unrelated to recruiters’ thought about P-J fit. In addition, the P-P fit had no relation with hiring recommendations.

Researchers suggest that LinkedIn profile may serve as an extended online resume for a job seeker.

Profile summary, work experience, and educational background are important things for a job seeker to put on their LinkedIn page.

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