Why diabetes control is hidden ‘within’ the mouth

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Periodontitis, also called gum disease, is a serious gum infection that damages soft tissue.

Without treatment, it can destroy the bone that supports your teeth. Periodontitis can cause teeth to loosen or lead to tooth loss.

Diabetes, bad teeth and gum disease (gingivitis) are all very connected. They feed each other.

Diabetes causes decay, gum disease, and gum disease worsens diabetes control.

People with diabetes, especially uncontrolled diabetes, have more gum disease than those without diabetes.

Research shows that gum disease is the most common dental disease affecting those living with diabetes, affecting nearly 22% of those diagnosed.

Especially with increasing age, poor blood sugar control increases the risk for gum problems

Now, they are finding that gum disease may raise blood sugar levels in people with and without diabetes.

Severe gum disease can negatively affect your blood sugar control and increase your chances of suffering from other common long-term complications of diabetes.

The inflammation, which occurs in the gums, escapes into the bloodstream and upsets the body’s defense system which in turn affects blood sugar control.

This video explains how to prevent and fix gum disease and control diabetes better.

This is not professional advice, please seek out a professional if you need help.

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