Want to gain muscle? Ditch the protein shake, and do THIS

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

During the course of his career, Dr. Gundry has encountered many misconceptions about nutrition, and a lot of these revolve around protein.

He still receives many questions and concerns involving the link between protein and athletic performance.

People will say “I’d love to follow the Plant Paradox, but I can’t limit my animal protein to just one meal a day – after all, I’m trying to build muscle.”

In this video, Dr. Gundry tackles this misconception and reveals why most people (yes, even athletes) are probably consuming way more animal protein than necessary.

He also takes a deeper dive into the link between nutrition and exercise and gives you the key bullet points for keeping your body fueled during exercise and primed for recovery.

So whether you’re trying to build muscle or maintain your existing athletic routine, make sure to watch this video from Steven Gundry MD for the most updated health information!

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Source: The Dr. Gundry Podcast (Shared via a Creative Commons CC-BY license)