How to jump rope to lose weight

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

How to jump rope to lose weight?

There is a big difference between jumping rope to do tricks and jumping rope to get lean.

In this video we teach you exactly how to use the jump rope to lose weight (specifically excess body fat.) Here is the list below for you to reference.:

  1. Fasted workout (don’t eat before you train)
  2. Use a weighted handle jump rope
  3. Use HIIT circuits (high intensity interval training)
  4. Do exercises you feel comfortable with
  5. Do exercises with all out effort
  6. Hold arms out to sides when jumping
  7. Stay consistent (minimum 3-5 jump rope workouts weekly)

Source: Jump Rope Dudes

If you care about weight loss, please read studies about exercise that has unique benefits for weight loss, and common eating habits that could cause too much weight gain.