9 common phobias you may not know much about

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What are some things that you are afraid of? Are there things or situations in your life that make you uncomfortable?

Having fears and dislikes is a normal part of life, but what happens when these things completely take over?

A phobia is an irrational fear of something that’s unlikely to cause harm.

The word itself comes from the Greek word “phobos,” which means “fear” or “horror.” Hydrophobia, for example, literally translates to fear of water.

When someone has a phobia, they experience intense fear of a certain object or situation.

The impact of a phobia can range from annoying to severely disabling. People with phobias often realize their fear is irrational, but they’re unable to do anything about it.

Such fears can interfere with work, school, and personal relationships.

About 19 million Americans have a phobia that causes difficulty in some area of their lives. Seek the help of your doctor if you have a fear that prevents you from leading your fullest life.

This video shows you some of the most common phobias. This is not professional advice, please seek out a professional if you need help.

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