What is ‘soil friendly’ eating?

Grocery shopping is fraught with decisions.

Is ‘soil-friendly eating’ part of yours? The Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) September 1st Soils Matter blog explains simple steps to consider in the grocery aisles.

“The food you buy at the grocery store also has an impact on the entire food supply system,” says blogger and scientist Christine Negra of Versant Vision.

“The good news is that (soil friendly eating) may not be as hard you might think.”

Negra outlines a few simple steps with positive impact on soil health:

Improve your food diversity

            Vary your protein routine

            Include beans in your diet

            Look for sustainably-produced meat

            Reduce your food waste


“Perhaps the easiest ‘win’ of all for soil-friendly eating is actually eating all the food that you buy,” Negra writes.

“Every bit of food that made it into your shopping cart required land, water, nutrients, and energy to produce. These resources are wasted if the food ends up in your garbage.”

To read the entire blog post, visit https://wp.me/p3Rg6r-pf.

Source: The Soil Science Society of America (SSSA).