8 easy tips for connecting with your kids

8 easy tips for connecting with your kids

Positive parenting is hard work.

You need to make good connections with your children constantly in daily life.

Here are some tips that can help you bond with your kids in daily life:

Catch kids showing good behavior and offer specific praise.

Give children meaningful jobs at home and positive recognition afterward. Don’t be overly critical; instead, help them improve their skills one step at a time.

Use kind words, tones, and gestures when giving instructions or making requests.

Spend some time every day in warm, positive, loving interaction with your kids. Look for opportunities to spend time as a family, like taking after-dinner walks or reading books together.

Brainstorm solutions to problems at home or school together.

Set rules for yourself for mobile device use and other distractions. For instance, check your phone after your child goes to bed.

Ask about your child’s concerns, worries, goals, and ideas.

Participate in activities that your child enjoys. Help out with and attend their events, games, activities, and performances.

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