How Massage Therapy Benefits Patients with Mesothelioma

How Massage Therapy Benefits Patients with Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a terrible and aggressive type of cancer.

It is most often caused by asbestos exposure and the cancer itself as well as mesothelioma treatments can cause patients to experience uncomfortable and painful side effects that reduce quality of life.

This is a terminal cancer, but patients don’t have to live out their remaining time in pain and discomfort.

Massage therapy is one strategy for making sure these patients are as comfortable as possible.

Oncology Massage Professional massage therapists are trained to work with a variety of patients and to work with their varied needs.

They develop individualized massage sessions to address the issues that each client or patient struggles with.

This can even extend to specializing in treating cancer patients. Oncology massage is used to help all types of cancer patients relax, find relief from pain, and mitigate side effects of cancer and treatment.

These specialized therapy requires that the massage therapist get to know the patient and his or her medical history before beginning. Oncology massage therapists may even work directly with a patient’s doctors and specialists to ensure the best care without causing further injury or pain.

Massage Benefits The benefits of massage for any client or patient are numerous, from relaxation to pain relief to injury recovery, but for mesothelioma patients, the benefits can provide a much better quality of life:

Stress relief. There are few things more stressful than living with cancer, especially a terminal cancer like mesothelioma. The benefits of relaxation that comes from just one session, not to mention regular sessions, with a massage therapy cannot be overstated.

Reducing anxiety and fear. Massage therapy has been proven to boost mood and reduce negative feelings like anxiety and depression. This can make a huge difference in the life of someone with mesothelioma and can help a patient cope better with the reality of being sick. Massage also helps reduce fear and anxiety ahead of treatments, like surgery.

Pain relief. Massage therapy has also been proven to relieve pain. It can relieve overall pain, but also pain that is specific to having cancer and treatments. For instance, massage can reduce the pain associated with post-surgery recovery.

Reduce fatigue. Chemotherapy as treatment for mesothelioma is common and it causes many side effects. One of the most common is a deep feeling of fatigue. Massage can help revitalize patients after sessions and help reduce that sense of tiredness.

Improve overall quality of life. The best reason for a mesothelioma patient to try massage therapy is that it can provide a better quality of life. Patients can expect to get a mood boost, to have more energy, to be able to sleep better, and to be able to enjoy greater mobility and less pain, thanks to massage.

There are so many benefits of massage therapy for the mesothelioma patient. It is important, though, that patients find a trained and certified therapist and one that is experienced in oncology massage.

With the right therapist, a patient can experience a better quality of life while still getting treatments and battling mesothelioma.

Written by Virgil Anderson.

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