AEMRICAN DOERS: New 12-part video series launched by Time Inc.’s


AMERICAN DOERS, a new 12-part video series on Time Inc.’s sponsored by Advil, premieres Tuesday, November 1 at 10 am ET featuring original thinkers, innovators, craftspeople, risk-takers and artisans across the United States.

AMERICAN DOERS sets out to prove that despite all the negative news, America is still the land of opportunity for anyone with an idea and a dream.

These gutsy, resourceful, and tenacious individuals are today’s true pioneers who risk everything in their pursuit of success and the American dream.

Their stories unfold as the host, James Marshall of Happy Marshall Productions, spends days completely immersed in their lives.

Marshall lives their American Dream – working in their businesses, walking in their shoes, following their journeys – along the unpredictable path to success or setback.

Episode 1 features 30-year-old Shareena Casterline of Harlem, NY, who overcame a traumatic childhood, quit her day job bartending, attended the Art Institute of Colorado’s culinary school, and in 2015 launched her own boutique e-commerce cookie-selling business,

Shareena was told early on in life to “dial down” her dreams and to “lower your expectations.” She explains that these early hardships “made me a better entrepreneur. I can take a few knocks.”

Given up by her parents at age 3 and later abandoned by her grandmother and aunt, the Colorado native was shuffled to different group homes and foster care placements for seven years.

“As a toddler I saw myself owning a bakery in Paris or New York,” says Shareena. “Never in my wildest fantasy did I think it would happen.”

Adopted by Denver parents Larry and Nancy Casterline, Shareena discovered a passion for her craft early on when her loving adoptive father Larry encouraged her to cook.

“Baking became an escape from my past and I was able to accept my adoptive family,” she says. “The first time I realized I loved myself was when I baked a chocolate chip cookie; I knew this was my calling.”

AMERICAN DOERS was created by Executive Producers James Marshall and Melanie Reardon as a positive and uplifting antidote to the current negativity and divisiveness in the United States.

The series strives to shine a light on everyday Americans, like Shareena, who are turning obstacles into opportunities; striving to do whatever it takes to fulfill their dreams.

“James is the ultimate people-person. He’s curious about everyone,” says Reardon. “I’ll order a coffee and maybe catch the barista’s name. James will order a coffee and ten minutes later he knows their life story and gets invited over for family dinner.”

Marshall travels with Shareena on her quest to get her confectionary creation, “the Maddy” – a delicate, Florentine-inspired wafer – into coffee shops and bakeries around New York City.

Viewers can watch Episode 1 at 10 am ET on Tuesday, November 1 by visiting

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