Michael Bloomberg donates $50 million to the Museum of Science to help research

Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg, the owner of Bloomberg L.P. and the former Mayor of New York City, donate $50 million to the Museum of Science.

The $50 million gift provides an endowment for the support of the Museum’s Education Division to be named the William and Charlotte Bloomberg Science Education Center in honor of his parents.

The endowment will improve the daily work in the Museum, from dynamic exhibits and live animal shows to teacher development and speaker events.

It will also support research conducted by the Museum, such as computer science and food science initiatives that will educate children about computer science and computational thinking, as well as nutrition, sustainability, food chemistry, and healthy cooking.

The Museum of Science is one of the world’s largest science centers and Boston’s most attended cultural institution. It attracts approximately 1.5 million visitors a year through its vibrant programs and 700 interactive exhibits.

It began as the Boston Society of Natural History in 1830, founded by 6 men who wished to share scientific interests.

In 1864, it opened the New England Museum of Natural History at the corner of Berkeley and Boylston Streets in Boston’s Back Bay.

After World War II, the Museum greatly expanded its exhibits and facilities.

On June 30, 2015, the Museum completed the largest fundraising effort in its 185-year history, exceeding its $250 million campaign goal by $34 million.

Michael Bloomberg grew up in Medford and spent much of his childhood at the Museum. He used to take a trolley, a subway, and a bus to the Museum of Science every Saturday morning.

He hopes his donation can help the Museum keep influencing young people and making a new generation of critical thinkers.

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News source: Museum of Science.
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