Meditation can reduces anxiety, pain and fatigue in women during breast cancer biopsy

breast cancer biopsy

Undergoing breast cancer biopsy can be tough. Many women experience anxiety, pain, and fatigue during the whole process. It is important to help them reduce these negative feelings.

In a recent study, researchers find that meditation and music intervention can ease these feelings in women undergoing breast biopsies. The finding is published in Journal of the American College of Radiology.

The study was conducted by Duke University, Greensboro Radiology, and University of North Carolina. A total of 121 women who needed imaging-guided breast biopsy were recruited.

They received meditation training, music intervention, or standard care instruction. During biopsy, the meditation and music groups listened to an audio-recorded, guided, loving-kindness meditation and relaxing music, respectively; the standard-care control group received supportive dialogue from the biopsy team.

Immediately before and after biopsy, all women completed questionnaires measuring anxiety, biopsy pain, and fatigue. They also reported radiologist-patient communication, demographics, and medical history.

Researchers found that the meditation and music groups reported significantly lower anxiety and reduced fatigue after biopsy than the standard-care control group. In addition, the standard-care control group reported increased fatigue after biopsy.

Furthermore, the meditation group showed lower pain during biopsy, compared with the music group. No other difference was found among groups.

Researchers suggest that listening to guided meditation can significantly lower biopsy pain during imaging-guided breast biopsy. In addition, meditation and music can reduce patient anxiety and fatigue without compromising radiologist-patient communication.

Therefore, these simple, inexpensive interventions can improve women’s experiences during core-needle breast biopsy, and they should be used in breast biopsy procedure.

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Citation: Soo MS, et al. (2016). Imaging-Guided Core-Needle Breast Biopsy: Impact of Meditation and Music Interventions on Patient Anxiety, Pain, and Fatigue. Journal of the American College of Radiology, 13: 526-534. DOI: 10.1016/j.jacr.2015.12.004.
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