Drinking milk doesn’t increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Drinking milk doesn’t increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases

It is thought that drinking milk has pros and cons. On one hand, milk provides a good source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, protein and phosphorous. On the other hand, findings show that milk may increase risk of fracture.

Recently, there is a controversy persisting on the association between the consumption of milk and dairy products and risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

Fortunately, a new study in Scientific Reports confirms that such an association does not exist.

Researchers from Spanish Biomedical Research Networking Centre in Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition led the study.

They conducted a meta-analysis about previous findings that involved 20,000+ participants. The relation between dairy intake and cardiovascular disease were evaluated in American and Mediterranean populations.

Researchers focused on nutritional biomarkers, also known as genetic proxies, which can provide objective assessment of food intakes.

They found that higher milk intake was inconsistently associated with glucose and lipids, and not associated with cardiovascular disease or total mortality in the whole population.

In an analysis focused on people who took a Mediterranean diet (7,185 participants), they also found that milk intake was not associated with cardiovascular disease or mortality.

Researchers suggest that based on the measure of reliable biomarkers of the intake of dairy products, this study reports no association between a greater dairy intake and increased cardiovascular risk, where previous studies have typically given contradictory results.

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Citation: Smith CE, et al. (2016). Associations of the MCM6-rs3754686 proxy for milk intake in Mediterranean and American populations with cardiovascular biomarkers, disease and mortality: Mendelian randomization. Scientific Reports, 6: 33188. DOI: 10.1038/srep33188.
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