Solar Master

Rethinking solar energy education

Solar farm

Solar energy is clean, safe, and low-cost. It is regarded as an important way to protect energy security.

Scientists assume that by 2050, solar energy, along with other clean energy, will be used in 139 countries to provide electricity for all energy purposes.

It is no doubt that a true solar economy is ahead of us. However, education in solar energy science and technology is far behind.

So far only a few books are available to students. Besides, there is a lack of well-structured curricular and competent teachers.

To achieve modern solar energy education, we need to integrated and multidisciplinary research of technology, natural resources, systems design, economy, and policies.

In a new article published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, researchers introduced the concept of a new course called Solar Master.

The course focuses on hands-on experiences and only includes a maximum of fifteen students who have a basic knowledge of science, economics, and management.

The course subjects involve elements of science and energy engineering, economy, and environmental management. The content will be continually assessed by renewable energy users.

It will skip the abstract theories and focus on topics related to real-life issues. Thus, students will learn solar energy through problem solving. They also need to attend networking activities such as conferences and forums.

The proper solar energy education will help with the development of solar economy. This new economy will bring us lots of financial, environmental and social benefits.

The world will spend less on energy costs, the greenhouse gas emission will be reduced, and more jobs will be created.

Citation: Ciriminna R, Meneguzzo F, Pecoraino M, Pagliaro M. (2016). Rethinking solar energy education on the dawn of the solar economy. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 63:13-18. doi:10.1016/j.rser.2016.05.008
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