Girl Talk: A smartphone app teaching adolescent girls sexual health

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Teaching teenage girls about sex is a serious yet not easy task to parents and teachers. But now they can use Girl Talk, a free smartphone app about sexual health education.

Researchers from the UK and the US recently designed this Apple-compatible app, because they wanted to provide useful sexual health information to girls between 12 – 17 years old.

Girl Talk content includes mental and physical health, pregnancy prevention, sexuality and relationships, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STI).

Medical and undergraduate students from relevant fields wrote and updated the content of the app. In addition, researchers used colorful graphs and icons to make the app appealing.

After developing the app, Researchers examined how helpful it was to adolescent girls.

Seventeen girls with iPhones used Girl Talk for two weeks. They also answered a sexual health questionnaire and interview questions before and after app use.

Researchers found that after using the app, girls could accurately answer questions about STI prevention, sexuality and relationships, and physiology of sexual function.

Besides, girls rated Girl Talk useful for their health. Although they had received sexual health education before using the app, they believed that it provided new and more detailed information than health classes.

In conclusion, Girl Talk may help teenage girls learn sexual health knowledge more effectively than traditional ways. In the near future, researchers will make the app available to Android platforms and in multiple languages.

Citation: Brayboy LM, Schultz L, Landgren Mills BS, Spencer N, Sepolen A, Mezoian T, Wheeler C, Clark MA. (2016). Girl Talk: A Smartphone Application to Teach Sexual Health Education to Adolescent Girls. Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, pii: S1083-3188(16)30092-4. doi: 10.1016/j.jpag.2016.06.011.
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